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At Paravel, we’re design-obsessed travel junkies on a quest to create the perfect bag for every adventure, no matter the size. 

After watching one too many black bags round the luggage carousel, we found ourselves asking: when did travel become such a snooze? Was it too much to ask for beautiful, functional luggage that didn’t cost an arm and a leg?

Apparently it was, so we set out to make some ourselves.

As unapologetic textile geeks with backgrounds in luxury fashion, we wouldn’t settle for anything but the best.  

We knocked on the doors of Italy’s top mills and factories, kept secret for years by the world’s most prestigious (and overpriced) luxury brands. After selling our dream in broken Italian, we were in.

We spent the next year working with artisans, technicians, and material scientists to develop our signature worry-free canvas. 

The materials we use are time-tested and known for being resilient. Cotton canvas isn’t new to the travel game (think sailcloths and tents) and linen is one of history's most versatile textiles (found in books, currency, and ancient Greek armor), but we've re-engineered them for modern life (think coffee spills and the overhead bin).

The result? An ultra lightweight, waterproof, wipeable fabric that looks pretty but acts tough. 

As the Italians say, that's amore.

Last step: let’s get down to business. We know price matters, and we wanted to get you the best one possible. 

Our goal is always to get you the best quality product at an honest price.

Call us biased, but at Paravel, we believe we're creating the future of travel -- and if you give us a chance, we bet you will, too.

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